Why do I do this? Whats my ”drive”? Well, to put it in plain text for those of you who read this, I strive to be better at what I do. In other words, I want to be as good as a teacher that I can be!

To do this I believe that you need to accept one or two things. My favourite approach is to accept the following two ”need to do”.

1, you need to be curious to learn and do new things and
2, you need to embrace the prospect or possibility to become even better. (This might envolve a dangerous thing I learned from people in show biz called ”Kill your darlings”!)

This is not always easy because of the nature and status of the profession. At times the working conditions for a teacher is one of solitude, you stand alone and you have to justify the classroom activity alone, you are left completely alone and then it´s not always easy to ”confess” that you are not doing a job well done.

But let us not loose the focus, the focus being my drive for this all.

According to a former pupil I’m a modern teacher (?), not mossy. The true meening of this verdict is yet to some extent lost on me, nevertheless my former pupil gave me a chance of fame by proposing Swedish state radio P4 to invite me to a radioshow. In that show I openly state that I believe that I’m a good teacher/educator but I need to become better at some things, mainly to give pupils better and more relevant feed back. There, I sad it again. I’m not perfect but I want to become better!

My drive or intrest for using the Internet ”in” the classroom derives from this (former) lack of giving feed back to my pupils.



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