As a teacher you have a few bit interesting options at hand when it comes to using the computers or the Internet. And what do I try to say with that conclusion? Well, if you ask me, and of course you will, there are but a few options if you want to do something different than using a textbook originating from your own school period. Need not to say, textbooks aren´t by fact dull, booring or worthless but they lack a certain ”quality”. As a social studies teacher (best translation of the swedish word samhällsorienterings-lärare) and a fan of formative assessment I need to understand a few things. I´m only ONE person and I´m human. By using applications or other software on the Internet I don´t clone myself but rather I get to use the other students as ”helpers” in a formative way.

I will continue this argument and illustrate my point more ”to the core” later on…



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