Motivated or not? And why not?

Looking back and not looking good? Not my proudest moment!

piska o morot

I might have told a pupil that he/she wouldn´t get any grade unless a final report is in my desk by sundown last thursday.

I try to motivate them without the fear of bad grades, but again, I failed. But where did it all go wrong? Why isn´t the pupil motivated, why do I need to put outside pressure on the pupil and why isn´t there more of a inner motivation ”inside” the pupil?

Why doesn´t the pupil care more?

Maybe because that there is no need fore education in Sweden? A non educated person is still well of and enjoys all the social benefits.

Or is there an other answer? Don´t be afraid to enlighten us all!

Did the pupil hand-in the paper, no!



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