First Teacher…?

In a previous post I asked the question who wants to be First Teacher?

The title First Teacher is a new thing in Sweden. It’s a new category of teacher being implemented by the goverment but it’s not mandatory for the councils to use.

This post concerns a abiliy, or lack of it, regarding if school leaders (=principals) are competent enough to make critical descisions on good teachings. I do believe that there are good principals but to many that I’ve met never ever made an impact on me when it comes to issues of a good way to teach. Unfortunately!

Can they decide what is good pedagogy? Dare school leaders take this decision? Can they then decide who is good beacon for educational talks? Is the ability to hold these talks more important than having knowledge and visions for teaching and school development? What’s back or front of this all?

Well, in a very interesting contemporary situation school leaders and principals eventually have to take a decision that may have anticipated and unforeseen consequences. Some municipalities have introduced since a few years a own teacher category to act as spearheads . These are believed to drive the school, ”forward”, is it these who will be the first teachers? What will they feel if they do not become ”elected” to become first teacher ?

Nevertheless, teachers are applying to become First Teachers and it’s now ”judgement day” for those who evaluate and elect the next First Teachers!

Link to Skolverket when they mention career paths for teachers…

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