The blog you are visiting belongs to Niclas Lindfors. I work as a teacher at a 7-9 school in Sweden. The pupils I teach are between the age of 12-16. I teach SO (Geography, History, Social science and studies concerning beliefs of life from a religious and non-religious point of view.)

My aim with the blog:

  • to document my own experience of teaching with ed-tech.
  • to give my fellow collegues an insight into ed-tech.
  • to make my own thoughts visible to my self.

Other topics on this blog/site exept the obvious in the headline, wich is using EdTech for formative assessment, focus on my own thoughts on the job.

I also use a site to communicate with my pupils. I find it surprisingly easy to post messages of different sort or assignments and such. As a teacher there are a multitude of free (?) sites that you can use, I´m very fond of It´s a drag and drop site and therefore very easy to manage, even for a so called newbeginner.

the sites name is



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